We have the latest summer colors from Zoya Nail Polish.

Zoya polish has just won Best Nail Polish in the Lifescape Beauty Awards 2008 as well as winning the Beauty All Star Award from Womans Health magazine from a panel of judges for the longest wearing nail polish!

All Zoya polishes are  SAFE - free of toxic Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP, vegan friendly, as well as being the longest wearing natural nail polishes available.   

 Zoya Nail Polishes 

  • Zoya Nail Polishes (Lacquers) are free of toxic Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP.
  • Zoya Nail Polishes (Lacquers) are the longest wearing natural nail polishes available.
  • Zoya Polishes are made in the USA. Poured in fine Italian Glass with Spanish Brushes.
  • Zoya Nail Polish is the brainchild of Zoya Reyzis who, as a pregnant aesthetician and salon owner in 1984, realized the need for a healthier and more durable solution. Today, Zoya Nail Polish is available at the finest salons and spa's worldwide and frequently receives top ratings in fashion, health, and pregnancy magazines world wide. When asked why they chose Zoya Nail Polish, most people say " Incredible Color Selection" and "...amazing wear ...nothing compares on manicures and pedicures..."
  • For the Longest Wear, use with Zoya Armor, Anchor, HurryUp or Qtica Treatments 
  • Zoya Nail Polish is the first polish recommended at all parties.  I do have other brands of different colors if needed, until I have the complete line of Zoya.  ( It's the best choice...healthy for you and the planet )  :)
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  • My new Zoya colors (6/5/09)    
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